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Best Business Partnership in Liberia

Umbrella Management Group, Inc stands out as the premier business partner in Liberia, committed to empowering diverse enterprises and establishing global collaborations to foster innovative growth and expansion solutions. The company prides itself on a team of sea…

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Our Story

Umbrella Management Group, Inc (UMG) began its journey in 2022, born out of a vision to confront the escalating challenges that businesses in Liberia, West Africa, were grappling with. Recognizing the need for innovative solutions, UMG was founded with the mission…

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Core Values

Umbrella Management Group, Inc (UMG) was established in 2022 with a clear mission to address the mounting challenges confronted by businesses in Liberia, West Africa. 

The core values of UMG reflect a commitment to being a proactive part of the solution, emphasiz…

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