Liberia: Umbrella Management Group Launches Its Services to the Public

Liberia: Umbrella Management Group Launches Its Services to the Public

Monrovia — The Umbrella Management Group Incorporated owned by Mr. Jerome Sheldon a Liberian based in America, on Wednesday launched its services as well as opened its office space to the public to host workshops, seminars, and other occasions.

The Umbrella Management Group (UMG) aims to integrate businesses to reach their best level of understanding possible of their ins and outs and accordingly provide the best possible advice. The UMG is situated in Paynesville on SD Cooper Road.

The General Manager of the group, Mr. Martin Dean during the launch of the company on Wednesday, said the UMG is here to bring skill to life and as well add value to Liberians in their quest to find jobs.

According to him, they are open to hiring Liberians in various areas of occupation without taking into consideration their academic background but only concerned about picking the best based on their commitment and dedication.

"In this country where job business is hard; today we are very much happy to present to you this unique dream and opportunity that affords you the chance to be able to see your full potential and the path has been laid and it's up to all Liberians to take advantage of this golden opportunity," Mr. Dean said.

He further used the launching ceremony to honor the group CEO Mr. Jerome Shelton for his commitment to ensuring Liberians are empowered to make ends meet for themselves.

For his part, the CEO of UMG Mr. Shelton lauded the management of UMG. He said he is impressed by the job being done by the staff of UMG who have proven to be trusted and assured them of his support to ensure the company moves forward.


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