MediPocket USA

MediPocket USA 

MediPocket is a cross-border care USA platform bridging the gap in specialty care by connecting patients around the world from their homes to the top hospitals and specialists in the USA.

The areas of specialty care we serve are Cancer, Genetic Disorders, Rare Diseases, Gene Therapies, Liver and kidney Transplants, Heart problems, Neurological Conditions, Rheumatology, Psychiatry and psychological therapies, Ortho disorders, Blood Diseases, Plastic Surgery, Infertility and Surrogacy USA.

World’s top USA hospitals our partners like MayoClinic, MD Anderson, MSKCC, Boston Children’s, Cleveland Clinic, UCLA Health, Cedars Sinai, Mount Sinai, Texas Children’s Hospital, John Hopkins, Stanford Health, and #1 Fertility and surrogacy partners in the US.

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