MediPocket USA 

MediPocket is a cross-border care USA platform bridging the gap in specialty care by connecting patients around the world from their homes to the top hospitals and specialists in the USA.

The areas of specialty care we serve are Cancer, Geneti…

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SOLSTAR is Singapore brand of Home Appliances and Consumer Electronics products. We are a global company headquartered in Singapore and we offer the Best Quality products to our customers at affordable prices. Our company’s Mission is to produce ‘…

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Sunrise Evolution Technology  

Boasting logistics from The Netherlands and all over EMEA, SUN EVO is a First-Class IT Sustainable Distributor expert in Emerging Markets development by supplying most up-to-date Technology. By removing the common layers of disruptive communication,…

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CHEA MARKETING GROUP is a subsidiary of Chea Management Consultants. Chea Management Consultants is a New York City-based management consultancy specializing in corporate growth and innovation. Our success is a result of focused expertise,…

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UENI is an international tech company that is empowering local businesses to get online. We don't just build unique websites that businesses can be proud of — we're there for each step of the journey, providing all the tools and support that small busi…

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